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DATA PROFILING se stává postupně nedílnou součástí formující se moderní 


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Jedním z moderních nástrojů, s kterým jsem měl možnost se krátce seznámit, 

je produkt   DATIRIS PROFILER - www.datiris.com.  Stručné schéma

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Na webu datiris.com se dočtete:

Manual data profiling is more than time consuming. It's risky.

Especially  when  a complete understanding of your data is critical

to the success  of  your project.That's where we come in. Datiris Profiler 

dramatically increases  the speed and quality of your work.  From

identifying issues in large volumes  of data to showing  desired source

records behind your profiling results. All with  a comprehensive set of

metrics that let you see your data from  every  angle. And all in a matter

of minutes.     The most intensive data analysis no longer requires a degree 

in computer   science.  Datiris Profiler makes it intuitively simple. What’s

more, with  Datiris   Profiler’s data definitions, you have a central  place to

give the entire team   up-to-date business descriptions  of data elements.

So now everyone’s working  on  the same page.   Today nearly every

business and IT consulting project  involves  some crucial data component.

Whether it’s related to data quality, integration, warehousing, conversion

or reporting. Fortunately,  mastering  that data has never been easier

than with Datiris Profiler. The speed at which you can learn to use it is

matched only by  the speed and  efficiency  it brings to  your work.

And because  Datiris Profiler runs on any  Windows®-based laptop, you

can  transport and  employ its powerful capabilities  anywhere  a project

takes. If all this makes your current mode of operation seem slow,  relax.

Get up to  speed  now and impress your clients with  Datiris Profiler.

Start by taking  a moment  to see how it works.  

Na dále uvedené adrese se dozvíte  o trhu produktů pro DQM: 

The largest players in terms of market strength  (see below)  in the data

quality arena   are SAP, Informatica, Trillium, QAS,  IBM and Dataflux.

These have broad data quality offerings with large number of  customer 

deployments. Group 1 and Human Inference are in the  next grouping

behind  these in size. Infogix  has carved out  a successful niche for itself

in the  information integrity”  market, by   which it addresses mainly

financial services  and insurance  firms dealing with  compliance and other

data assurance issues.   The data quality market is by no means  entirely

US centric,  with companies  such as QAS in the UK, Omikron in German  

and Human Inference in the  Netherlands prospering in Europe. Přehled

produktů podporujících DQ Management, najdete na adrese: 

Data Duality Market in late 2008


 Na webu www.datiris.com je ke stažení cvičná ( TRIAL ) verze programu.