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Moje fotka
Jm�no: Arnost Katolicky
M�sto: Plzeň, Czech Republic

Internetov� publicista provozuj�c� AKA-MONITOR, soudn� znalec KS Plze�, docent na Z�U v Plzni a na V�MIE v Praze.


Stru�n� �vod pro u�ivatele soci�lkn� s�t� Twitter

A beginner’s guide to building a presence on Twitter
Cituji z �vodu:
"Twitter is the best online marketing tool of the last five years. Thanks to Twitter, you can engage in immediate conversations, receive immediate feedback and find new people who share your interests. From a community building standpoint, you can use Twitter to find potential new members, make people aware of your community, build your reputation and introduce people to others. Many businesses and websites don’t use Twitter correctly and wonder why their strategy fails. In this article, I want to help ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. First, let’s bust a myth."
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