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Moje fotka
Jm�no: Arnost Katolicky
M�sto: Plzeň, Czech Republic

Internetov� publicista provozuj�c� AKA-MONITOR, soudn� znalec KS Plze�, docent na Z�U v Plzni a na V�MIE v Praze.


Internetov� r�dio je �e�en�m pro studenty

18. �nora byl publikov�n zaj�mav� text o r�stu obliby internetov�ho r�dia mezi studenty vysok�ch �kol v USA. Cituji z �vodu a uv�d�m odresu pln�ho zm�n� �l�nku.
"Internet radio strikes a trend, leads to new musical discoveries. Popular sites like Pandora and Jango give listeners a fresh approach to music.
Autor �l�nku: Sara Byers
A music technology wave has hit the college world, and Internet radio is taking over. Keeping in mind that some poor college students don't have money for iPods and other high-priced musical machinery, Internet radio gives the student population a chance to listen to music for free, while also discovering other bands similar to their tastes in music. Although most everyone loves the idea of iTunes, not everyone can pay $.99 or $1.29 each time they want to rock out to a hip new song. It may not seem like much, but that price can accumulate over time. "
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