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Jm�no: Arnost Katolicky
M�sto: Plzeň, Czech Republic

Internetov� publicista provozuj�c� AKA-MONITOR, soudn� znalec KS Plze�, docent na Z�U v Plzni a na V�MIE v Praze.


8 mo�n�ch d�vod� pro� z�izovat vlastn� internetov� r�dio

�l�nek na dan� t�ma byl opublikov�n na port�lu pod n�zvem:
"8 Reasons To Start Your Own Online Radio Station"  s podtitulkem:
"The World Is Waiting To Hear From You"
Autorem je Corey Deitz
Cituji z �vodu:
"The Internet and software technology have revolutionized and broadened the concept of what broadcasting is evolving into . Today, for very little money, almost anyone with a reason or message can broadcast it to the world. Never before have so many people been so empowered with communication possibilities.
So, why should YOU start your own online Radio station? Here are 8 reasons:..."
Doporu�uji - stoj� za pozornost!
Stru�n� cituji:
1. You have a band and you want to reach people with your music.
2. You are a school and you want to provide students and parents with information about current activities.
3. You are in the Radio club at your school and everyone wants an opportunity to practice being a DJ on a real broadcast service.
4. You are a school district or a state and you want to provide a stream with consolidated listings for school “Snow Closings” in a particular area or for the whole state.
5. You are a college student and want to make extra money by programming to the students at your college or University with the music they want along with announcements about upcoming activities, commercials from the local bookstores, bars and restaurants.
6. You collect a particular type of audio, music, or other type of recording and want to share them with the world.
7. You want to spread the word about a political candidate or political agenda using recordings of candidate speeches or your own recorded analysis and commentary.
8. You have a business and want to promote it.
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