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Moje fotka
Jm�no: Arnost Katolicky
M�sto: Plzeň, Czech Republic

Internetov� publicista provozuj�c� AKA-MONITOR, soudn� znalec KS Plze�, docent na Z�U v Plzni a na V�MIE v Praze.


GPS Tuner v5.4

Offroad GPS Software for Pocket PC. P�ed rokem jsem v�noval pozornost GPS Tuneru ve verzi 5.1. V sou�asn� dob� je nab�zena verze 5.4. Verze je lokalizov�na v �esk�m jazyce. Auto�i charakterizuj� GPS tuner takto:
�GPS Tuner is an off-road navigation software for Pocket PC devices. While most car navigation software gives you the possibility of planning your route based on a road network, GPS Tuner gives you the ability of navigation where the roads end.�
A �emu slou��?
�GPS Tuner is an excellent tool for hiking, geocaching, boating, flying, driving and many other sporting activities, where the monitoring of duration, distance and speed can be important."
Funkce a parametry
Map Ruler Units and National Coordinate Formats
- Optional Metric, Imperial or Nautical units
- 24 Coordinate Format supported (like WGS-8-, British (OSGB36), NAD27, NAD83�)
- GPS Tuner supports JPG files as maps
- Online map downloading from Google Maps and TerraServer
- Easy calibration on Pocket PC or using Desktop Map Calibrator (Freeware)
- Auto map loading feature
- Zoom and Pan by pen or joystick
- Flexible layer and track/route display
- Blank map support
- Measure distances and define routes by drawing directly on the map
- Automatic map rotation according to your movement
Navigation, Digital Compass
- Real time rotating compass with big target arrow
- Custom target from entered coordinate
- Any waypoint, trackpoint or point of map can be selected as target
- 6 different types of Compass views
- 38 selectable Compass tools
- Voice navigation and next turn indication for routes
Trip Computer
- Monitor your whole trip
- Save, Load and Reset is possible
- push track data into Trip Computer to get a full track analysis
- 31 selectable Trip Computer tools
- Graph for Altitude and Speed
- Selectable tool window size
Waypoints, POIs, Track, Routes
- Waypoint, POI: GPX, LOC, KML, SDF files supported
- Track, Route: GPX, TRK, KML,SDF files supported
- Track recording by configurable Auto, Time or Distance interval
- View your waypoints and tracks in Google Earth directly (KML export/import)
- Flexible waypoint management
- You can easily convert track to route and reverse the direction of route
- NMEA recording
- NMEA playback (with selectable speed)
- You can jump to any position of NMEA files (skipping unnecessary data)
GPS Share
- Share your position in real time with other users
- See your friends� position displayed in GPS Tuner
- Monitor your (and your friends�) position on your web browser
- SMS interface for remote controlling
DEMO verze je limitovan�:
- Funk�n� je 14 dn�
- Tracklog do 250 points (pln� verze zaznamen� a� 150000 points)
- Area do 50 points (v Geo verzi zaznamen�v� a� 5000 points)
Mo�nost podm�n�n� vlastn�n�m �GEO licence� ( dopl�kov� ):
�If you are in possession of our �Geo license� with extended features, the Area Calculation function is available to you, which makes it easy to measure perimeter and area. All you need to do is activate GPS and walk (or drive) around the boundary. The created area (shape) can be saved, exported in DXF format and even reloaded.�.


Geocaching v den�ku Pr�vo

P�kn� �l�nek o geocachingu napsala Hana �mardov� pro den�k Pr�vo. Vy�el 10.4.08.
- Od po��ta�e do p��rody
- �esko pln� skr��
- Nejcenn�j�� ke� je pro ka�d�ho jin�
- Pozor na mudly.
Vlo�ena jsou "okna":
- Jak nalo�it s pokladem
- Setk�n� p��znivc� - p�ehled akc� v dubnu a kv�tnu
- Z historie
- Typy schr�nek
- Desatero geocachingu
Nab�dnuty jsou i webov� adres d�le�it�ch web�: